Bishop David Kiganda

Bishop David Kiganda is the Founder and President of the CHRISTIANITY FOCUS MINISTRIES whose Headquarters are situated in Kampala City, Uganda, East Africa
He is also the Senior Pastor of the 3000 member Church, known as Christianity Focus Center, located in Mengo Kisenyi L.C.I Kiganda Zone, the renown largest slum of Kampala City. And also the General Overseer of more than 80 other Branch churches which are Situated across the Nation under the same administrative Leadership.

Bishop David Kiganda has got a family. He is the Founder and Executive Director of Christianity FOCUS GRAMMAR SCHOOL: a center for 420 needy Orphans and vulnerable children in Uganda located at Budaali, Namayumba, Wakiso District, Uganda East Africa.

Bishop DAVID KIGANDA is elected KAMPALA CITY Provincial Overseer/Chairman, of the National Fellowship of Born-again Churches, an umbrella unity organization which brings together more than 850 born again City Pastors and churches, for unity, Fellowship, Networking and accountability purposes.

Bishop David Kiganda ministers on Light House Television Uganda, a sister TV station of TBN USA. And he is also a daily broadcaster/Preacher on more than five different Radio Stations across the nation of Uganda.

Through his daily 4:00am to 6:00am Radio ministry, David has managed to inspire Millions of Ugandans, to wake up every morning, to listen to God’s word, to adore, to worship and praise the almighty God, and thereafter prompts them into a daily morning Intercessory prayer, for their needs in replacement of idol worship, which used to be the usual practice of many Ugandans every morning before they could go for their daily duties. And this Radio prayer approach has tremendously reduced Idol worship and eradicated Children sacrifice in the Nation of Uganda since the year 2001 to date.
Bishop David Kiganda is also an Evangelist, Conference Speaker, debater, radio presenter and a political observer.
Apart from his normal usual Church services, David also majors and runs two different Vibrant Lunch hour Fellowships, in Kampala City with a purpose and a vision of encouraging, motivating and impacting the market place community on daily bases in two different locations, both found in the city and of which one is the renown “City Lunch Fellowship” at Nakasero Kampala.

David believes in miracles that are performed in the name of Jesus Christ, as it is written in Mark 16:17-20. And his ministry is surrounded by multi un deniable evidences of miracles performed in the previous. Glory be God. Etc.

Bishop David Kiganda has been chanced to travel across the world extensively in countries like England, Denmark, Norway Sweden, South Africa, India, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Nigeria, Malawi, Rwanda, Kenya Tanzania, United States of America and many others, with a purpose of preaching and proclaiming the good News of the lord Jesus Christ in the last 21years.