About TV channel

About kingdom fm

The His Kingdom Broadcasting Services Ltd at Christianity Focus Centre, Mengo -Kisenyi (hereinafter “93 KINGDOM FM”), in accordance with the Uganda Broadcasting Council License issued by the Uganda Communications Commission and held by the Board of Supervisors for the His Kingdom Broadcasting Services Ltd, shall operate radio station 93 KINGDOM FM to serve both the constituents of the Christianity Focus Ministries and the greater listening community.


93 KINGDOM FM shall render such broadcasting service as will serve the public interest, convenience, or necessity to the full extent of the privileges conferred by its license. 

93 KINGDOM FM shall endeavor to provide challenging, innovative programming which entertains and which informs the public of events occurring at Christianity Focus Centres and in the surrounding community. 

The Board of Supervisors considers 93 KINGDOM FM a valuable outreach service and forum for the greater community and strives to ensure the station produces programming consistent with professional standards, but without inhibiting the free and open discussion of ideas and issues. 

93 KINGDOM FM shall furthermore serve the Church by providing an educational experience for those staff, church members, and community volunteers who choose to be part of it.