Switzerland votes on relaxing its citizenship rules



People walk past a poster of "Committee against an easier path to citizenship" on a display at the Hauptbahnhof central railway station in Zurich, 11 January 2017

Voters in Switzerland are going to the polls to decide whether the country's strict rules on citizenship should be relaxed.
Being born in Switzerland does not guarantee citizenship. Non-Swiss residents must typically wait 12 years before applying.
Tests and government interviews are also required, which can be expensive.
The new proposal will allow third-generation immigrants to avoid some of that bureaucracy.
It will directly affect those born in Switzerland, whose parents and grandparents also lived in the country permanently.
Supporters of the plan to simplify the process argue that it is ridiculous to ask people who were born and have lived all their lives in Switzerland to prove that they are integrated.by kapasi Roney kissa

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